The case of Qosay Khalaf

On March 5th 2021, Qosay Khalaf, a 19-year-old yazidi refugee, was controlled by police in the Wollepark in Delmenhorst. After running away Khalaf and police ended in scuffles. Khalaf was pinned on the ground. An eye-whiteness reports, that Khalaf said, he could breathe badly. An ambulance checked his status and decided he could be brought to the detention cell. Hours later Khalaf was transported to the hospital, where he died on March 6th. Until today the circumstances of his death have not been clarified. Police opened a case, to investigate possible misconduct by the officers involved. The investigation has been and no criminal charges were filed. Until today the loss of their son, cousin or friend leaves the people in Delmenhorst in shock. The family is fighting for justice and up until today trying to force police to re-open the investigation to clarify the circumstances of the young man's death. For "taz - die tageszeitung" I reported on the case and follow the developements up until today.